8 Photos In Recent History That May Well Shatter Your Faith In Humanity

“And deliver us from Evil” How much meaning those words hold for the drama of humanity throughout history can never be contemplated by many. The world has seen shocking incidents that reflect the despicable side of humanity reflecting its ability to be as horrendous as evil itself. While nature’s fury is a reflection of its own laws that make it both good and bad. Man on the other hand can be malicious in his intent of self destruction. Here are 8 shocking photos that may well shatter you but sometimes we need to look to be reminded of the evil humanity is capable of.

8 Bergen – Belsen Concentration Camp

The world should never forget how one man almost evil incarnate ordered the extinction of six million Jews during world war II. Hitler and his despicable Nazi regime was a blot on the history of man maybe even surpassing many famous for evil like him. In mass graves like this, almost 50,000 people would be buried together either shot or gassed to death.

Belsen Concentration Camp

Image Source: www.vestnikk.ru

7 Mongolia – 1913

A woman imprisoned in Mongolia in a box which was a prison of sorts where the victim was boxed in and made to die a slow death of starvation.

woman imprisoned in Mongolia

Image Source: www.imgur.com

6 The Killing Fields, Cambodia

The senseless genocide of its own people. The dreaded Pol Pot’s Khmer rouge regime was responsible for killing 25% of the Cambodian population (1.5 TO 3 MILLION) people by his merciless Khmer rouge party. The Mekong river banks and several fields and farms were lined with scenes such as these.

The Killing Fields, Cambodia

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

5 Slave Trade, 15th -19th CE

The Transatlantic slave trade was a shocking reality of the 19th century which met with many protests across the world. The practice of slavery led to millions of Africans being transported overseas and results in the deaths of millions of them.

Slave Trade, 15th -19th CE

Image Source: www.open.az

4 Hiroshima- Nagasaki

Although the Japanese army also carried out their fair share of inhuman activity, the world shivered in horror at the devastation of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is one such gut wrenching scene of a small boy carrying his baby brother in the aftermath of the blast.

Hiroshima- Nagasaki

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

3 Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall divided a country in two splitting up families and friends overnight. This photo is of Peter Fechter whose attempts to reach West Germany failed resulting in him getting shot. Within a few moments of this image, he was shot.

Berlin Wall

Image Source: www.adhst.ro

2 Haiti Earthquake 2008

This shocking photo was clicked by Patrick Farrell and was one of the most shocking proofs of the tragedy during the Haiti Earthquake. This boy is salvaging whatever he can from his destroyed home and presumably family.

Haiti Earthquake 2008

Image Source: www.mlv-cdn.com

1 Christmas Dinner During the Great Depression

Among shocking photos, one can well imagine the contrast of today when most of Americans celebrate a family Christmas dinner with duck and Turkey. Well, even though poverty still exists today, during the great depression, this was a common site where Christmas dinner for most families consisted of just turnips and cabbage.

Christmas Dinner During the Great Depression

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

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