8 Unexplained Phenomenons That Have Puzzled Even Brilliant Scientists All Over The World

Mysteries are the part and parcel of our life. It would have been a very boring life if not for the unexplained around us. We bring to you 8 such unexplained mysteries that even science has been unable to solve for decades.

1 The Taos hum

Residents of Taos, New Mexico have been experiencing low-frequency hum that has been getting on their nerves. Scientists have tried everything they could and still haven’t managed to come up any valid explanation for this phenomenon. It may be due to the acoustics of dry desert air and others think the government is involved somehow.

The Taos hum

Image Source: www.fronterad.com

2 3 Year old identifies his murderer from past life

A 3 year old Syrian boy in the Golan Heights region suddenly remembered his past life and successfully told his family members all the details of his past life. He even took them to the grave where he was buried. Villagers found a skeleton of a man, the axe with which he was killed, which was pointed out by the kid himself. This man was missing since past 4 years and the child even recited the full name of his killer and when authorities confronted the man, after some police work, admitted to killing the man.

Year old identifies his murderer

Image Source: www.espritsciencemetaphysiques.com

3 Death Valley stones

Death Valley National Park in California is a matter of mystery due to the moving stones in the park. These sailing stones move along the park’s smooth ground without anyone moving them. The strange thing is that the stones even change directions and even are found flipped over. Scientists have blamed the air and magnetic properties of the stones for this movement.

Death Valley stones

Image Source: www.ziarelive.ro

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