9 Astounding and Unsolved Mysteries from the World’s Most Remote Places

Remote places exist in every corner of the world. Virtually inaccessible they fill us up with the sense of adventure and excitement. Ask any avid traveler these are the basic 2 driving forces which attracts him to move out an explore the world. An explorer thirsts for adventure which is the main driving force that provides us the information of astonishing mysteries from remote places. Here are nine such fantastic natural mysteries.

9 Antarctica

The deserts of Antarctica are the most desolate places on earth because of its sheer climatic conditions. But nothing compares to the recent pictures that have surfaced on west Antarctica. The picture clearly shows a structure resembling a giant stair case on the sides of an Antarctica mountain. Naturally this has given rise to speculations such as these are the remnant of the lost city of Atlantis or the landing space for U.F.Os. It was also presumed to be a NAZI experimental base. The area still remains an unsolved mystery.


Image Source: www.express.co.uk

8 Greenland

5 years ago a bunch of scientists from Utah discovered a strange phenomenon under the frigid snow layers in Green land that could also be connected to the climatic change the world is experiencing today. It was discovered that a stream of warm water flowed unrestrained under the thick sheets of ice even in the dead of the winter months. The thick polar ice cap could have acted as an insulator for the water streams but it remains to be found out how much of these water channels end up in the sea. Is this phenomena contributing to the rise of the sea level all around us? Another modern mystery to be solved by our scientists and geologists.


Image Source: www.nasa.gov

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