9 Astounding and Unsolved Mysteries from the World’s Most Remote Places

7 Madagascar

2 toddlers namely Jiana and Rova made headlines in all the global news papers in 2015 by just visiting their local health care. It was disturbingly discovered that both being 3 years old Rova weighed only 60% of Jiana and was a full head shorter then her. Now it’s common knowledge that developing countries such as Madagascar has malnutrition issues but these 2 kids were from the central highlands of the country with a good harvest and no food shortage. With better health care facilities as compared to other neighboring nations this alarming disparity between the 2 girls from the same region is indeed a modern biological mystery. The observation triggered off a great investigation of food supply and distribution in the capital city of Antananarivo by UNICEF.

Jiana and Rova

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

6 Bermuda Triangle

Now this can be called a new age Déjà vu of the famous Bermuda triangle in the Bahamas which created panic and sensation in early 1970 and 80s. Here also a large part of northern Alaska ranging from its northernmost tip down to Juneau has been rechristened the “Alaskan Triangle”. Several incidents of missing people and plane disappearances in this exact location have made it an international mystery. Consider this eerie fact that among Alaska’s total population of 600,000, 53,000 people have vanished without any trace including a military plane with 44 experts on board in 1950. Even after extensive searches none of the missing aircrafts or the bodies of the people have ever been recovered. According to crypto zoologist Ken Gerhard, there might be an invisible energy vortex which opens up portals to another dimension where these aircraft and people reach without any possibility of their returning back.

Bermuda triangle

Image Source: www.nocookie.net

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