9 Astounding and Unsolved Mysteries from the World’s Most Remote Places

5 Coober Paddy, Australia

Among unsolved mysteries of remote places an interesting story is of a 16 year old girl called Karen Williams, who on the fateful afternoon of August 4, 1990, left the Opal inn in Coober paddy with her friends and headed towards another restaurant named Sergio’s. She left Sergio’s with her friends and took a ride offered by a unknown man while rest of her friends got off at a nearby street corner. Williams remained in the car to be dropped off 100 meters away on Dawes Street. That was the last time ANYONE saw her. It’s believed that she was murdered by the driver. In 2016, a convict Nicola Novakovich (assumedly the driver…) stood trial for the murder but due to lack of any evidence or witnesses the case remains unsolved to this day.

Coober Paddy, Australia

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4 Iceland

In 2015 itself an unclaimed body of an young girl was found,later identified as 20 year Birna Brjansottir was found 8 days after she was reported missing. She was last seen at 4 am retuning to Reykjavik before disappearing into thin air! Speculation that she was killed by Nordic fishermen falls short as here has been no motive for this killing at all.

Birna Brjansottir


3 Jatinga Village, India

Jatinga village is a remote area in the state of Assam, India, known for a very gruesome annual event that baffles international biologists all over the world. Every year between the month of September and November, just before sunset, hundreds of birds dive down the sky mid flight and crash into trees and cliffs apparently committing communal suicide! The speculative scientific explanation attributes this to disorientation due to monsoon fog. Local Superstitious beliefs say that this is due to forces of black magic. Whatever the reason, many exotic birds such as kingfishers, tiger bitterns, and pond herons lose their lives in this chaos. What is really weird is what makes this many bids fly at night when they should be asleep. This phenomenon was discovered in 1900s and still remains a gruesome and sad mystery.

Jatinga Village, India

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