9 Astounding and Unsolved Mysteries from the World’s Most Remote Places

1 South Pole

This is yet another example of peculiar mysteries in remote places. As a young astrophysicist Rodney Marks stationed in the South Pole, suddenly started feeling so ill that he had to report to the medical department. He began vomiting blood and died on May 12, 2000. When his body was flown back to New Zealand it was discovered he died of acute Methanol poisoning which baffled experts as to how that was possible. Suicide was ruled out as he was regarded as a very happy person. Some say he may have ingested the chemical to get high or may have been poisoned by one of his 49 members crew on the base. Lack of proof and witness keeps this case open as usual for all.

Rodney Marks

Image Source: www.yaklai.com

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