This amazing 90 year old house in Rockport is made entirely from newspapers

Across the USA you will come across several unusual things that will amaze you. In Rockport Massachusetts for instance, you can find a newspaper house. No!! Not a house containing newspapers but a cabin constructed entirely from paper. The Rockport paper house is located on Pigeon Hill Street. It is marked by a sign that says “paper House’ and is open to visitors.

The house in Rockport is just one storey and looks like an ordinary log cabin. But on close inspection you’ll be amazed to find it is made of paper.

1 A house with walls and interiors made entirely from old newspaper

The paper house was built sometime in 1922. It was the brainchild of a mechanical engineer named Elis Stenman who started constructing a small summer home that had a timber frame, a shingle roof and floors. Stenman hit upon the novel idea of making the walls entirely of old newspaper. The walls of the paper house are made up of layers of old newspaper glued together to a thickness of 1 inch. On top of the paper he applied a coat of varnish to give it the present effect.

The paper house

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2 The furnishing inside the Rockport paper house is also made from paper

Almost all furnishing and décor inside the house is made from paper. Chairs, curtains, bookshelves and even a clock are all made from newspaper. The only item made from wood is the piano but that to has been covered in appear to maintain the theme of the house. The fireplace of course had to be made from bricks.

Paper House from inside

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