Amazing New Dead Sea scrolls cave discovered in Judean Desert

60 years ago, the world watched in amazement at the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls excavated from 11 caves in Qumran between 1947 to 1956. It was an epic discovery of historical and religious biblical significance where scrolls of papyrus related to biblical scripture and Judean history of the BCE and CE periods were found in earthen vessels hidden in caves in the eastern Judean desert now the modern West Bank.

Till date, 11 caves were excavated to reveal the amazing scrolls but early this month archaeologists were astonished to discover a new Dead Sea scrolls cave which could be the 12th cave. The discovery makes it one of the most significant and exciting events for archaeologists to kick start the New Year.

New Dead Sea scrolls cave

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1 A new cave discovered with artifacts strewn across the entrance

The new Dead Sea scrolls cave was found in the Judean Cliffside. It negates the theory regarded by archaeologists that scrolls were found only in caves at the Qumran cliff site which is controlled by Israel on the West bank. The ensuing excavation revealed shards of pottery, broken storage jars and even Neolithic flint tools and arrowheads that lay strewn across the entrance of the caves.

Incidentally, the Dead Sea scrolls are regarded as the greatest discoveries of the 20th century containing written Hebrew works that are more than 2000 years old. They are the earliest surviving physical manuscripts of the Hebrew bible.

A new cave discovered with artifacts strewn across the entrance

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