The Amazing Video Of How One Man Singlehandedly Converted A 700 Year Old Cave Into A Fantastic Home

While many of us prefer the comforts of a concrete home, there are eccentric men like Angelo Maestropietro 38 who prefer living in caves. But! Before you wonder why he would do that, take a look at his £ 160,000 renovated cave home built in a cave which is 250 million years old.

Angelo is a real life caveman who made his dreams come true by burrowing, carving and cutting 80 tons of rock to build one of the most spectacular cave homes with all the comforts of modern living. This modern day caveman now lives in his stunning cave home deep in the Wyre forests of Worcestershire England.

1 He spent 1000 hours constructing the cave home with his own hands

In 2007, Angelo spent several days as an invalid suffering from multiple scelerosis. While convalescing from the disease, he introspected over his life and decided to change his lifestyle. It was then that inspiration hit him to do something unique. He would live a more austere and humble life without complexities. Well if you see his cave home, it doesn’t quite match the austerity and humbleness. But good for him he is living the life he wanted.

constructing the cave home

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