Apple Goes Green by Announcing Products to Be Manufactured With Recycled Material Only

Two years ago Greenpeace labeled Apple as one the electronics companies that were least responsive to the concerns of the environment. It even launched a campaign against the company titled “the green my apple campaign”

Apple responded in the most remarkable way possible where the company has just launched an ambitious plan to manufacture all Apple products from recycled material.

1 Apples amazing recycling robot

Electronic waste is extremely damaging to the environment and it seems Apple has finally come to terms with it. From mining to dumped toxic waste, our planet is hurting beneath the weight of our carbon footprint and toxic garbage. Apple has now started tackling such problems with its remarkable recycling robot called Liam which takes apart used electronic waste for recycling in the manufacturing process and new devices.

Apples amazing recycling robot

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2 PVC releases toxins when burnt for disposal

In its campaign, Greenpeace challenged not only Apple but also other electronic manufacturers to reduce the usage of PVC or polyvinyl chloride and other BFRs or brominated flame retardants found in electronics. PVC is manufactured from a known carcinogen which releases toxins when burnt for disposal. It is children in countries like India and China who are exposed to such toxins when dismantling used electronics.

Recycling ewaste

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3 Apple has saved $40 million through recycling

Apple is now steadily shifting its manufacturing unit to renewable resources where most of its data centers around the world run on renewable energy. Apple has even built its wind and solar farms to generate energy it requires. Apple products from recycled material mean the company has been recycling old devices using its recycling robot which you see in the video below. As a result, the company has saved $40million in just gold reuse alone.

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