An Architect Converted A Cement Factory Into His Home And The Result Are Spectacular

In 1973, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill decided upon the most amazing idea for a lavish and palatial home. Instead of constructing a new one he converted an old and dilapidated cement factory into an amazing home. The factory existed a big pollution machine that existed during the WWI era had been closed down and was lying vacant eversince.

Ricardo Bofill and his team set upon the mammoth task of partially dismantling the factory but keeping several items of machinery to be converted into room décor. Take a look at how this architect converted a cement factory into a beautiful home.

1 He named the home LA Fabricia

Ricardo Bofill named his new home La Fabrica. The entire exterior of the factory was laced with vegetation and the interiors stripped to make living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It also features a huge working space. Even today work at La Fabricia continues as the mammoth structure is yet to be completed. The beautiful transformation is a remarkable feat by the architect.

the home LA Fabricia

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2 The building is still undergoing construction

Ricardo Bofil is an immensely creative architect who foresaw huge potential in the building in which no one really cared about and was the least interested in. Today the structure has been transformed into a fantastic home.

undergoing construction

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