An Architect Converted A Cement Factory Into His Home And The Result Are Spectacular

3 The exterior area

The exterior area features lush vegetation and greenery to give it the look of an ancient castle.

The exterior area

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4 The interior structure with machinery transformed into décor

If you take a closer look, the gigantic structures extending from the ceiling could well be the spouts that spewed cement into containers below.

The interior structure

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5 A work par excellence

Even Borfil was amazed at the stunning transformation. IN his official website he wrote “The cement factory is a work par excellence”

work par excellence

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6 Every room is different

When the architect converted the cement factory into his home, he ensured that every room in La Fabricia was designed to look different. There are no two identical rooms in the building.

cement factory interior

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7 A closed universe for Borfil

According to Borfil, the home is like a closed universe of its own protecting him from the outside world


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8 Relaxation spots and lounge ares

Throughout the property there are a number of relaxation spots and lounge areas where one can listen to music or play a piano.

lounge ares

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9 Bofill’s large working space

Working space for an architect is crucial which is why he uses a part of the home as his library and studio.

Working space for an architect

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10 The exterior covered with a variety of plants

Borfil filled the entire exterior with plants such as eucalyptus, palm and Olive trees. Even the roof of the structure seems to be covered with a thick green blanket of greenery. The exterior of the building besides resembling a castle looks like some roman ruins.

The exterior covered with a variety of plants

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11 It only takes the right perception and creativity to create a masterpiece in design

Borfil has shown that with the right type of thinking and creativity, anything can be transformed into something magical. One can image when this architect converted a cement factory into such a stunning home, he must have made headlines in Spain.

perception and creativity

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