Architect Creates House from Shipping Containers and the Result is Spectacular

Would you like to live in a shipping container in the middle of the desert?? That doesn’t sound like any fun at all does it? After all, what would you expect from four walls of metal sheeting? But!! You’ll be surprised to know how creativity can surpass the limitations of even the barest resources. This is what London based Designer James Whitaker proved when his house from shipping containers turned out to be one of the most stunning creations ever.

James Whittaker’s used several conjoined shipping containers to create a house so spectacular that you would never believe it could have been made from such material.

1 The house created from shipping containers

The house which he created from shipping containers measured only 200 square feet. It featured all rooms required for living such as a kitchen and three suite bedrooms. That was almost magical to make these three beautiful bedrooms with an aesthetic look.

The house created from shipping containers

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2 Almost alien-like structure in the desert

The house was created from shipping containers conjoined at different angles. It literally gave the entire construction an illusionary look of a flower blooming right there in the middle of the desert. It looked almost alien as if existing from another planet.

Almost alien-like structure in the desert

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