Architect Creates House from Shipping Containers and the Result is Spectacular

3 Designed for an anonymous movie producer

The creation of a house of shipping containers was actually designed for an unnamed movie producer who loved encouraging such projects and was passionate about them. Upon seeing these incredible designs, you can’t really get more creative than this.

Creation of Container house

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4 What James had to say about his project?

According to James “Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client’s plot of land in Joshua Tree. One of the friends said, “You know what would look great here?” before opening her laptop to show everyone a picture she’d seen on the internet. The picture was of an office that I’d designed several years ago but had never been built, so the next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up.”

Container house project1

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5 An anonymous client

The spectacular home created from shipping containers is named the Joshua Tree residence. It will also be built on a 90-acre plot of land in California owned by the movie producer who is James Whitaker’s client.

shipping containers house named Joshua Tree residence

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6 Powered by solar panels on the garage roof

The construction will begin next year and when finished will be fitted with solar paneling on the garage roof to provide power to the entire home. The house will also provide fantastic views of the natural surroundings.

solar panels on the garage roof Joshua Tree residence

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