Architects Create the First of Its Kind Mountain Hotel Built Entirely From Shipping Containers

In one of the most innovative ways of minimizing on building resources, two architects have built a hotel from shipping containers. The design of the hotel inspired by the mountains is shaped like a pyramid and named the Quadrum.

Hotel Quadrum is a boutique hotel located high up in the mountains of Upper Gudauri in the Republic of Georgia. Architects Sandro Ramishvili and Iraki Eristavi are the creative brains behind such a project that has focused on the minimalist style of design.

1 Eco-friendly hotel to protect the environment

The extraordinary hotel built entirely from shipping containers complements the snowy terrain cascading down the mountainside. The philosophy behind Hotel Quadrum reflects an eco friendly theme for preservation of the environment. The building design was created as such to protect the environment from the hazards of work and leisure.

Eco-friendly hotel to protect the environment

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2 No damage to the environment

Located in the Upper Gudauri district of the Georgian Republic, the hotel was built without damaging the landscape. The materials were from local production and environment friendly.

House built of containers

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3 Hotel built entirely from shipping containers

The alpine themed hotel stands at 2200 meters above sea level and has 12 rooms. Not much for a hotel but it is an extremely innovative one because who can boast of having lived in a hotel made from shipping containers. It is the first boutique hotel in Gudauri that opened on March 11th 2017. Prices of rooms start from $90 a night.

Hotel built entirely from shipping containers

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