These Awesome Invisible Buses Appear To Vanish Because Of Their Brilliant Photorealistic Camouflage

Buses are a common sight in every city. While some may look all flashy and new, the rest is a boring aspect of everyday life. You don’t really stop to admire a bus do you? You just wait to catch it. Well, think again because the people of Vilnius in Lithuania have a lovely time trying to spot the invisible buses of Vilnius because they are almost invisible.

1 Camouflaged ghost buses

Vilnius Lithuania is full of ghost buses that are so well camouflaged with realistic paintings of the environment on them that they blend in perfectly. Existing in a translucent ethereal form, they pass intersections undetected. But it’s fun to watch really.

Camouflaged ghost buses

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2 Project to commemorate the summer street festival

Almost every bus in Vilnius is part of the urban scenery because of photorealistic imagery painted on the buses by team Liudas Parulski, an artist who collaborated with studio Vieta to paint life-sized themes onto the city buses. The project was part of an initiative to commemorate the Vilnius street art festival for the summer.

When spotted at the right moment you can see how well the camouflage has been painted on the buses which incidentally look beautiful. The city’s trolley buses have remained steadfast as a charming retro mode of transport popular with local people despite of other metros adopting modernized transit systems.

Project to commemorate the summer street festival

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