These Awesome Invisible Buses Appear To Vanish Because Of Their Brilliant Photorealistic Camouflage

3 Spot the vanishing point

The innovative vanishing trolley bus is a temporary project that encourages pedestrians to spot a photo of the vanishing effect in action. Regardless of the mode of transport, the city’s photorealistic vanishing buses are a pleasant sight to watch as they cross intersections much to the delight of pedestrians and onlookers trying to spot the exact vanishing point as they blend onto the cityscape.

The innovative vanishing trolley bus

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4 Covered in beautiful urban imagery

The invisible buses of Vilnius are covered in urban imagery that depicts traditional architecture of local traditions. Some of the buses have street scenes painted on them, while others have buildings. Many have urban landscapes and urban sceneries of nature also painted on them. One even has a wolf crossing an intersection which is a hint of the city’s unofficial mascot.

invisible buses of Vilnius

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