Breathtaking Drone Footage of The World’s Largest Cave having its Own Clouds and Weather Patterns

Our planet is filled with amazing wonders and even as you may feel you have read about all of them, there will always be something new, something incredible that you might not have known about. One such spectacular geographical phenomenon is the Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam.

1 Spectacular drone footage showcases cave in new light

Although images have appeared across media of this wonder of wonders, it was the drone footage of filmmaker Ryan Deboodt that showcased the cave in a way unimaginable before. Deboodt’s Hang Son Doon drone footage is so spectacular that it reflects an atmosphere of something ethereal within this subterranean wonder.

drone footage showcases cave

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2 The world’s largest unexplored cave

Till Deboodt’s footage, Hang Son Doong also known as the River Mountain Cave was the world’s largest unexplored cave. But now the drone footage takes viewers to points never seen before. As if on a journey to another world, this natural wonder is so vast it can easily fit a Boeing 747 within it. The stunning drone flight provides fantastic views of the internal cave system where cave walls reach 500 feet up to the ceiling.

world’s largest unexplored cave

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