Breathtaking Drone Footage of The World’s Largest Cave having its Own Clouds and Weather Patterns

3 A cave with its own unique weather

Because it is so large, Han Son Doong is unique for having its own weather patterns that features fog, clouds and wind currents drifting throughout the caverns halls. Just imagine clouds in cave?

A cave with its own unique weather

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4 The tragic reason for the drone footage

Ryan Deebodt is a passionate wildlife and natural conservation explorer. The reason for his awesome video is to showcase the plight and dangers treating the caverns existence. The land surrounding the cave is being pillaged for minerals and natural sources.

Ryan Deebodt

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5 Soon to become a wasteland

Unregulated and unauthorized harvesting is slowly ravaging the pristine beauty of this area. It will soon become a wasteland in the near future. Moreover there are tribes and local villagers dependent on the forest for their livelihood; their existence too is in danger.

Soon to become a wasteland

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6 Increased awareness may save Hang Son Doon

The Hang Son Doong drone footage was Ryan’s brilliant idea to increase awareness among people to watch and realize how this amazing natural beauty will soon be no more. Speaking to National Geographic, Ryan said “That’s one of the things I wanted to do with this video: to show how beautiful it is, and how it should be protected.”

Watch the amazing Hang Son Doong drone footage and revel in this spectacular journey of nature’s grandeur. Do your bit to raise awareness of Hang Son Doong by sharing this article.

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