Brilliant Child Prodigies Who Made Headlines in the Modern World

When God made certain people he definitely broke the mould which is why these ten child prodigies are yet to meet a match with the same qualities. Given the fact that we had Einstein and now Hawking, but to display intelligent skills below the age of 10 qualifies one to be among a rare breed of humans with abilities unmatched in their fields. Of course some of them are already adults and the world may not even know or may have forgotten about them. Here are the world’s ten brilliant child prodigies that made headlines in the modern world.

10 Priyanshi Somani

At the age of 11 she won the mental calculation world cup in 2010. A little mental calculator from India, Priyanshi showed unusual skills in solving complex calculations in square root, addition and multiplication. She has also won the Pogo Amazing Kids Awards 2010 in the genius category. Priyanshi is a memoriad winner and a Guinness world record holder. She also became the new world record holder in mental square root in 2012.

Priyanshi Somani

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9 Elaina Smith

Elaina Smith was only 7 when she became Britain’s youngest agony aunt in 2009. She was offered a job by her local radio station after she offered advice to al listener who wanted to dump her boyfriend. The radio station was so impressed by her advice of “go bowling with pals and drink a jug of milk” that they gave her a weekly slot where she provided advice for thousands of adult listeners. She is known for her practical solutions of life’s problems and advice on how to choose a boyfriend.

Elaina Smith

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8 Michael Kevin Kearney

Among child prodigies, this was the world’s youngest college graduate in history at 10 years old, Michael Kearney earned his anthropology degree and was already teaching at Vanderbilt University at 17. He uttered his first words at 4 years old and told his pediatrician at six months “I have a left ear infection”. He learned reading at ten months and in 2008 earned $1,000,000 on the popular reality TV show, who wants to be a Millionaire?

Michael Kevin Kearney

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7 Gregory R Smith

At 14 months old Gregory Smith was already memorizing and reciting from books. Born in 1990, he entered university when he was 10 years old. Gregory is the youngest ever recipient of a masters degree from Virginia University and went to become a social activist as well as a world renowned advocate for children and peace. He was nominated for the Nobel peace prize twice when he was 12. He has appeared before the UN Security Council and several world forums to generate awareness for the rights and need of children in American and the world.

Gregory R Smith

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6 Saul Aaron Kripke

Saul Aaron Kripke learnt ancient Hebrew when he was just six years old. By the age of nine he had mastered the complete works of Shakespeare and before elementary school was well versed in the works of Descartes and other philosophers. He was a whiz at mathematics and wrote his first theorem in modal logic at the age of 17. Today kripke is a professor of philosophy at the graduate center New York City University and professor emeritus at Princeton. During his 2nd grad year at Harvard he was already teaching grad level logic at MIT.

Saul Aaron Kripke

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5 Aelita Andre

A modern Salvador Dali, Aelita Andre from Melbourne, Australia became famous for her works in abstract and surrealist art when she was just two. Born in 2007 to parents who were both artists themselves, Andrew learned to paint when she was just 9 years old. When she was four, she opened her first solo exhibition in New York City in 2011.

Aelita Andre

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4 Cleopatra Stratan

Cleopatra Stratan was just three years old when she was earning 1000 Euros for every song. Born in 2002 in Moldova. A true child prodigy, she is the youngest known singer to have achieved commercial success. She holds the record as the youngest artist to win an MTV award as well as the youngest to achieve a no 1 hit in her country. Incidentally she is also the youngest highest paid artist in the world becoming famous for her album “la varsta de trei ani”that went double platinum in Romania, released when she was three. She also holds a record for performing live for two straight hours. In 2006, her biggest hit song was ‘’Ghita’’

Cleopatra Stratan

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3 Arfa Karim

She became the youngest certified Microsoft professional at the age of 9. Arfa karim born in 1995, Punjab, Pakistan has represented her country in several international technology forums such as the TechEd Developers Conference. She is also the recipient of the President’s award for pride of performance among several other civilian awards. Arfa was also invited by Bill Gates to the Microsoft headquarters in USA. She died tragically of cardiac arrest on January 14th 2012 aged 16.

Arfa Karim

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2 Akrit Jaswal

The real Doogie Howser of India, Akrit Jaswal was popularly regarded as the ‘’world’s smartest boy’’. With a brilliant IQ level of 146, he made headline news when he was 7 years old performing surgery on a local girl suffering from severe burns on the hands. He became the youngest person to be admitted to medical university in Punjab, India when he was just 12. His vision is to find a cure for cancer.

Akrit Jaswal

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1 Kim Ung Yong

Among modern child prodigies of the modern world. Kim Ung Yong stands out as simply brilliant. Born on 8th March, 1962, the South Korean as a boy possessed an IQ of 210. AT the age of 4 he had already learned Korean, Japanese, German and English. At the age of 5 he made several television appearances where he was seen solving complex calculus equations. Kim studied physics at Hang Yang University between the ages of 3 to 6 and obtained a Ph.D from Colorado State University at the age of 15. As a super genius he is also a Guiness world record holder and could well be the smartest mind in the world today.

Kim Ung Yong

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