California’s City Of The Dead Has More Dead Bodies Than Residents And Here’s The Shocking Reason Why

“It’s great to be alive in Colma” says the official motto of the town and all because the dead over here outnumber the living thousand to one. As bizarre as it may seem, the town of Colma in California is unique from all other towns because it is mainly occupied by the dead. Almost 73% of the town’s area contains only cemeteries and it is known as the “city of the dead”.

Colma was once a small town in the 1850’s during the time of the Gold Rush. The presence of gold also brought with it debauchery, chaos, loot, gambling and what not. There was an influx of people from neighboring cities all wanting to hit it rich. Colma suddenly changed from a living city to a dead one. Read on to find out why.

1 The population explosion during the gold rush

The discovery of gold in a nearby sawmill owned by James Marshall in San Mateo County in 1849 triggered a mad rush for prospecting where even crude mining tools yielded gold. Although Marshal tried to keep it a secret he couldn’t and men soon found out. Thousands rushed to the area to strike it rich. Most of those who came started staying in San Francisco as San Mateo was too small. San Fransico soon started bursting at its seams with people.

The discovery of gold in a nearby sawmill

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