California’s City Of The Dead Has More Dead Bodies Than Residents And Here’s The Shocking Reason Why

6 Today, the dead outnumbers the living

In Colma today, there are only 1500 living residents but approximately 1.5 million dead. Among the deceased are some famous personalities like Levi Strauss, Baseball star, Joe Dimaggio, media Tycoon Randolph Hearst and Bank of America founder Amadeo Giannini. The ratio of living to dead is 1000:1

Today, the dead outnumbers the living

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7 Colma’s official motto is “It’s great to be alive in Colma.”

Colma is a peaceful town but also the city of the dead but its residents still humor the situation. The town’s official slogan is “It’s great to be alive in Colma”. They consider themselves safe and as long as there is no possibility of a zombie apocalypse, they have nothing to fear.

Colma’s official motto

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