Cheap Thrift Store Finds That Turned Out To Be Extremely Valuable And Worth A Fortune

How often have you visited a thrift shop and eyed the various knick knacks on display. While many of them seem of little value, you’ll be surprised how lucky you can get with items from such stores. What could be looking like some replica of a famous document or antique could actually be the real thing as these 10 lucky customers found out. A purchase of a few dollars ended up selling for millions. Check out these 10 unbelievable thrift store finds that turned out priceless.

10 A Priceless Painting Titled “Vertical Diamond”: $34,375

Beth Feedback was out of a job in 2012 and went to a goodwill store to purchase a blanket. An oil canvas attracted her attention and she felt she had to purchase it as it cost only $9.99. A tip from a friend led Beth to research online and she found the painting to be an original by an artist called Illya Bolotowsky. The painting titled ‘Vertical Diamond” fetched Beth $34, 375 at an auction.

Vertical Diamond painting $34,375

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9 Zach Norris – 1959 Jaeger-Lecoultre Watch: $35,000

While browsing in a thrift store for a gold pull cart in Phoenix, Arizona, Zach Norris noticed a nice watch with a price tag of only $5.99. As a watch collector he thought it would make a nice addition to his collection. Norris soon saw the model of his watch listed in He then realized that he had in his possession a 1959 Jaeger Lecoultre Watch and it was worth $35000. One buyer was even willing to throw in a $4000 Mega Speed Master watch as an incentive. Norris sold the watch and used the money for his wedding.

1959 Jaeger-Lecoultre Watch: $35,000

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8 An Old Vince Lombardi Sweater: $43,020

Sean and Rikki McEnvoy purchased an old sweater from a goodwill store in Knoxville Tennessee. They paid just under a dollar and upon reaching home shoved it in a closet and forgot about it. The sweater turned out to be a West Point sweater worn by the famous NFL coach Vincent Lomabrdi. It was when Sean was watching a documentary about Lombardi that he noticed the sweater he wore resembled the one he had in his closet. The sweater was auctioned for $43,020 from which a part of it was donated to Goodwill.

An Old Vince Lombardi Sweater: $43,020

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