Cheap Thrift Store Finds That Turned Out To Be Extremely Valuable And Worth A Fortune

7 Chinese Libation Cup: $75,640

While a man was looking for stuff in a thrift store in Sydney, he found a uniquely carved cup that cost him just $ 4 Australian. After purchasing it, he clicked a picture and sent it to Sothebys who informed him that he had in his possession a 17th century Chinese “Libation cup “carved from a single rhinoceros horn. The man soon auctioned the cup which fetched him a price of 75, 640 Australian dollars.

Chinese Libation Cup: $75,640

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6 Bond’s Watch: $163,000

Imagine finding a James Bond watch in a thrift store. The watch used by Bond in the movie “thunderball” had disappeared after the movie was made. It turned up at a flea market and was purchased by an Englishman for a very cheap price. It was subsequently auctioned at Christie’s for $ 163,000.

 Bond’s Watch: $163,000

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5 Flemish Painting: $190,000

An antique dealer named Leroy once found a discarded painting at a thrift store in 2006. He purchased it for just $3. Leroy’s daughter grew curious about the painting and took it to an Antiques Roadshow. To her surprise, the painting was appraised at a value between $20,000 to $30,000. The painting was found to be a work of Flemish art dating back to 1650. It fetched the family $ 190,000 at an auction in 2012.

Flemish Painting: $190,000

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4 An Alexander Calder Necklace: $267,750

When Norma from Philadelphia was shopping at a flea market, she picked up a loud piece of jewelry which she wore to several occasions as she loved it so much. One day while visiting the Philadelphia art museum she noticed an original Alexander Caldera Jewelry looked similar to hers. After showing it to the Calder foundation in New York, it was confirmed that her piece to was an original. When she put it up for auction at Christie’s in 2013, it fetched a stunning price of $267,750.

An Alexander Calder Necklace: $267,750

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