China Introduces First Ever Coronavirus Hospital Run by Intelligent 5G Robots Who Care for Patients 24/7

Trust China to amaze the world in different ways. First, they were and still are in the news for introducing the new strain of coronavirus to the world what with the weird stuff they keep eating and now its something to wow us again. Robotic doctors!! They actually found a way to avoid their own baby by introducing six droids to lighten the load of doctors and even interact and diagnose patients. The robots are expected to prevent any cross-infection between patients and medical staff.

1Robots armed with 5 G technology to work 24/7

What with the coronavirus COVID 19 raging across the country, several makeshift hospitals have sprung up in China to meet the demand for patients? Such hospitals need to be managed with 5G tech f or smooth and efficient functioning which is why the country has used this opportunity to unveil their first intelligent makeshift coronavirus hospital powered with 5G robots to work 24/7 providing care to patients.

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2The coronavirus is taking a heavy toll across the world

The coronavirus shows no signs of stopping as it continues its horrible snares across the world. Even Italy has reported almost 631 deaths with the largest toll today the 10th March being 168 people which doesn’t speak well for the containment of the disease. Scientists are rattling off all sorts of doomsday scenarios where one Mark Handley said that the US could be locked down in 2 weeks as reported in the Daily Mail.

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3The robots will prevent cross-infection

Now in Hubei Province in China, things aren’t going too well where almost 3,000 medical staff have been infected with the disease. Covid 19 has now infected 110,000 globally with the death toll crossing 4000 even as we speak. Paying attention to the problem of medical staff shortage, China seems to have seized this opportunity to try out their droid doctors where six have taken up residence to reduce the workload of doctors already overworked because of the heavy patient load.

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