China Introduces First Ever Coronavirus Hospital Run by Intelligent 5G Robots Who Care for Patients 24/7

4The droid programme was launched last week in Wuhan

The high-tech droid doctor programme was launched last week at Wuchang field hospital in believe it or not Wuhan, in Hubei province, Central China, the place from where Covid 19 originated. How ironic is that. Get this, the droids don’t just make an impression for the media, they care for patients, take temperatures, analyse them and even take patients their meals. They also patrol the hospitals and disinfect them. The best part?? They can’t contract the virus.

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5They even entertain patients

The droids are entertaining too because in the video released by the Chinese, one robot whom they have named Ginger is seen leading a dance routine accompanied by mask-wearing hazmat clad medical staff with the patients as spectators for the performance. The 5 G network is an important technology that allows doctors to gain live and fast remote updates from the robots who are constantly collecting data.

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6Introduced to support makeshift hospitals come up to combat the virus

The move comes close on the heels of makeshift hospitals coming up in the region that need advanced tech to be more efficient in managing patients and the functions of the hospitals. If people remember in the initial weeks of the virus scare that had already taken a turn for the worse in China, the country built a hospital in 6 days to meet patient demand.

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7The robots can self-drive and self-charge

The robots are self-driving and even charge themselves. They are being seen as a brilliant means to reduce the load of doctors and medical staff working round the clock in all hospitals across the country. More importantly, the robots will prevent cross infection and reduce that risk drastically because already 3000 medical staff have been infected by the coronavirus since it’s outbreak in Wuhan.

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