China Introduces First Ever Coronavirus Hospital Run by Intelligent 5G Robots Who Care for Patients 24/7

8They were built by a start-up tech company in China

The project was delivered by Hubei officials in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Feb 28th. The robots were donated by a technological start-up called CloudMinds based in China and who deal with intelligent robots. The intelligent system was built by the tech firm along with a Chinese owned telecom company The China Mobile and donated to the hospital within a week. That’s right, they took just 7 days to produce the robots, that’s quite impressive. Now if only they had reacted that fast to the virus, the world wouldn’t be facing a pandemic right now.

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9The robots change sheets and even deliver food and medication

One pair of robots can be seen delivering medicines and food to patients, collecting bedsheets, and waste too in the province of Guangdong. Apart from the coronavirus, this technology could be the start of something really innovative if taken up by medical facilities worldwide. It could well relive the burden if not of doctors who should be human but at least the medical staff in caring for patients in overburdened hospitals.

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10Coronavirus updates

As for the evil coronavirus, it is now sweeping across Europe. Italy seems to be bearing the brunt of it while Its tentacles has spread to the middle east where Iran has reported 1500 cases and 66 deaths. Even as we speak, a WHO team has been rushed to help the country manage the virus. 110,000 people as of now are infected with the Virus with countries like India with low incidence suddenly reporting 62 positive cases across the country. China alone has 80,735 cases with 3,136 deaths according to world meter. Several countries are taking strict measures for screening like Germany having drive through testing stations.

Watch the video of Ginger the robot at A Chinese hospital

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