From Coolidge To Trump, Check Out These Rarely Seen Childhood Photos Of U.S. Presidents

You may have seen several photos of American Presidents in their younger days but how many have seen childhood photos of American Presidents. Here are 16 rarely seen photos of Presidents of the United States of America from Calvin Coolidge top present day Donald Trump.

1 Donald Trump

Who would have though this innocent blonde haired little guy would be the 45th president of the USA?

Donald Trump

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2 Barack Obama

Here’s one of USA’s favorites as a child with his mother Ann Durham.

Barack Obama childhood pic

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3 George W. Bush Jr

Here is a photo of George .W. Bush as a baby with his mother Barbara Bush also a former first lady.

George W Bush Jr childhood pic

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4 Bill Clinton

There’s no mistaking this picture

Bill Clinton childhood

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5 George H.W.Bush

This is a nice picture of the father of George w bush.

George H.W.Bush childhood pics

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6 Ronald Reagan

This is a shot of Reagan with his parents.

Ronald Reagan childhood with parents

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7 Jimmy Carter

The trademaerk lips are there.

Jimmy Carter childhood pic

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8 Gerald Ford

That’s President Gerald Ford as a young Boy.

Gerald Ford

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9 Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon as a young boy with his violin.

Richard Nixon as young

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10 Lyndon .B. Johnson

That’s President Lyndon B Johnson at 18 months.

Lyndon .B. Johnson as kid

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