The Deadly Bolton Strid: A Small Stream in Yorkshire That Swallows People

The river wharfe near Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire is a beautiful picnic spot and is great for a peaceful evening walk but there is only one problem. There is a dark and sinister side to the area where a narrow stretch of water called the Bolton Strid is a death corridor. Falling in means CERTAIN DEATH.
Called the Bolton Strid near Bolton Abbey or the stream that swallows people, it is a narrow stretch of treacherous underwater rocks and deadly fast currents. Although there are foolhardy people who try to jump across, if you miss your step and fall in, it’s certain death.

1 Nature’s deadliest booby trap

Located between Barden Tower and Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, England is nature’s deadliest booby trap. A small inconspicuous looking stream that many may define as quaint or pretty is a demon in disguise ready to ensnare you to your death. Below the surface is a deep chasm with extremely strong currents that can just about pull anyone falling into it. It is widely believed that not a single person who has fallen into the Strid has made it out alive. Even their bodies weren’t found.

Nature’s deadliest booby trap

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2 Why is the strid so dangerous?

How does a small little mountain brook become so dangerous? It is just 6 feet wide. If you walk along the stream for 100 yards, it opens out into a 30 feet wide river wharfe running through Yorkshire. In the area near Bolton Abbey, it is in the form of what is known as the Bolton Strid, a small narrow gap which results in the water gaining even more power, speed and depth.
What most don’t know is that there is a network of caverns and tunnels hidden beneath the surface and the narrow gap is just a natural illusion making it a dangerous and evil booby trap. The image below is of the wharfe with Bolton Abbey in the background.

Why is the strid so dangerous

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