Disney Research Scientists Have Just Invented a Room That Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Recharging a phone may seem a mundane and ordinary task when you’re at home, but when you’re out, it can be something traumatic when you see that 0% flickering in your little battery icon in the right corner of your phone. In a brilliant display of evolving technology scientists at Disney Research center have found a novel way to recharge an electronic device. Yes Disney. It isn’t just a place for castles, fairies and dressed up characters, it is also a center for research too.

Disney scientists have developed a means to make an entire room a recharging zone. It sounds fantastic but yes this is a room that recharges phones.

1 The method behind the charging room

The recharging room at Disney is based on a method called quasistatic cavity resonance. The method makes electric power work in the similar manner of Wi-Fi. Just like Wi-Fi enables you to catch a signal, so will the atmosphere in your room enable your phone to attract wireless electrical energy to recharge it.

It may sound fantastic but it is true. It is an amazing feature no less and turns a room into an entire wireless charging space. Walk into the room and the phone starts to recharge. The concept was developed by a team of scientists led by research leader Alanson Sample. A room 16 X 16 was framed by an aluminum support and also sheathed in aluminum walls. A copper pole with 15 capacitors that store electric charge was erected in the center of the room.

The recharging room at Disney

Image Source: www.cnnturk.com

2 A magnetic field is created within the entire room

A generator and an amplifier were placed outside of the room which produced a radio frequency signal. This was connected to a device called a drive coil which was also placed inside the room. When the generator was switched on, the signal moved to the drive coil which would the broadcast it to the capacitors in the copper pole.

Electric current then travelled through the pole ceilings, walls and floor which created a uniform magnetic field that filled the entire room. The receiver coil resonating at the same frequency as the magnetic field converted the magnetic field into power. Thus it became a room that recharges phones.

A magnetic field is created within the entire room

Image Source: www.indianexpress.com

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