Disney Research Scientists Have Just Invented a Room That Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

3 Ten devices were charged in one room

According to associate research scientists Mark Chabalko, “One of the remarkable things about this room is that with the appropriate receiver design, we can power many devices simultaneously.” An experiment to the effect showed how ten different objects were powered and recharged at the same time. Among these were a Smartphone, a lamp, and an RC car.

Although the room was built for the purpose of the experiment, researchers feel that rooms can be modified using modular aluminum paneling or conductive paint. The same concept could be scaled down to the size of a box or even be used for something larger such as a warehouse or even a building.

Ten devices were charged in one room

Image Source: www.indianexpress.com

4 A huge step towards common electric charging rooms

However as with the pros of every new discovery, this also had a few cons too. Firstly it was not safe for a person to stand within 46 cm of the copper pole. To be made for use in the real world, it would require a system coupled with an auto shut off switch to prevent people getting too near the pole and capacitors.

100 watts of the 1900 watts of power generated across the room would have to be used by objects in the room. This would need a second device developed to measure the power consumption such as a tracking device to monitor the power flow and keep it within safe levels. But all said and then, this is just the first step towards something truly amazing which may soon see a world without cellphone batteries. We will end up having common rooms that recharge phones.

A huge step towards common electric charging rooms

Image Source: www.cbsistatic.com

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