These Eco-Friendly DIY Dome Homes Made From Aircrete Are So Beautiful You’d Love to Live in One

The main global concerns of this age are not climate changes or health threat, but none other than pollution and efficient recycling. While the news and media is always buzzing with issues regarding climate change and health hazards, in society some of the most common phrases in everyone’s vocabulary just happen to be “eco-friendly” and “zero waste life”. So, whenever we think about our future homes, it’s quite natural that we stick to these phrases. However, nowadays there are many advanced alternatives for building materials and housing solutions which are available to DIYers as well.

1From foamcrete people gradually switched to aircrete

Just like the trends in fashion and other stuff in the world are always changing, the trends in construction change as well. It first began with foam create after which people then got obsessed with papercrete. People then switched to Hempcrete which was a huge hit. However, now more and more people are using aircrete. Take a look at these ecofriendly air-crete homes that will wow you.

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2What is aircrete?

Aircrete is a mixture of air bubbles and cement that is fireproof, waterproof, DIY-friendly and very cheap to make. As you can see from the pictures, it would be a great way of living without negatively impacting the environment.

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3The foaming agent is the key ingredient in aircrete

The foaming agent is the key to making aircrete. It suspends the tiny air bubbles in the cement mixture. You will still require a foam generator to continuously disperse a mix of the foaming agent into the cement mixture.

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