These Eco-Friendly DIY Dome Homes Made From Aircrete Are So Beautiful You’d Love to Live in One

4The foaming agent for aircrete is readily available everywhere

But, the foaming agent for aircrete is something which you can very easily obtain just like a “high foaming” dish detergent. These homes look cute too and are similar to the hobbit homes in the movie lord of the rings.

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5Aircrete has a good compressive strength and is a good insulator as well

Aircrete’s compressive strength is similar to that of regular concrete, but it has the added advantage of double insulation. It keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter. The best thing is that you don’t need construction and these are completely DIY.

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6It is the least expensive building material in the market in terms of cost and maintenance

Since, its cost is relatively low and it neither requires much maintenance, DIYers prefer it more than anything else as it helps them save a lot on construction. It is fairly easy too as you can see from these photos.

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7Aircrete’s ecological factor is simply amazing

Its ecological factor draws most of the attention to it, since it is especially appealing to those concerned about the ecology. Furthermore, it has even gained international recognition as an ecological building material owing to its resource efficiency. As you can see from the following pictures, the houses do not looked cramped and have beautiful immaculate and comfy interiors that ooze warmth as well.

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