These Eco-Friendly DIY Dome Homes Made From Aircrete Are So Beautiful You’d Love to Live in One

8You can build your home in any shape with aircrete

If you want to build a home with elegant shapes then aircrete is the best material to use since it can be easily applied in creating these shapes. It is the best for building dome homes which are visually very freeing and uplifting with its round windows, graceful arches, and oval doorways.

All of its features make you feel like you are living in a fairytale or perhaps maybe even a hobbit in one of Tolkien’s books.

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9Steve Areen a musician, photographer, and traveler built his dome home for $9,000

Steve Areen who is a well-known musician, photographer, and keen traveler spent as little as $9,000 to build his own dome home with aircrete. He said- “In 2011, I had a wonderful visit with my friend Hajjar Gibran. For years, he has inspired me with his creative ideas. This time, he was building domes at his retreat center in northeast Thailand.

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He and his wife offered me a spot on their mango farm to build my own dome. With Hajjar’s guidance and design ideas, along with my own, and his son-in-law Tao’s masonry skills, I had my dome home up and painted in six weeks.”

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10The basic structure cost Steve only $6,000

According to Steve- “The cost for the basic structure was under $6000. It took a few more weeks to add the details such as doors, screens, pond, upstairs structure, stonework, and landscaping. All this, including furnishings and plumbing to the well, was under $3000… Bringing my total cost to about $9,000. Please keep in mind this is in cost-friendly Thailand”.

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