An Explorer’s Strange Encounter With the Mysterious 1000 Year Old Hermit

Not many know of the remarkable explorer Robert Stacy Judd and his incredible experience with an ancient Mayan hermit that he met in the caves of Loltun. Stacy and his guides were miserably lost during one of his expeditions when he came across the mysterious holy man living in the caves. The incident was covered by the Modesto News Herald on Janruary3rd 1931.

Robert Stacy Judd born in 1884 was an English architect noted for his Mayan styled architecture. He is famous for having designed the Aztec hotel in 1924 on US route 66 in Monrovia As an explorer and a writer he had written many works on Mayan architecture. Among such writings was his narrative of the hermit of Loltun experience.

1 Loltun Cave dating back to the ancient Mayan civilization is located near Oxkutzcab in Yucatán, Mexico

Loltun caves are located near Oxcutzcab in Yucatan Mexico. The main cave Loltun meaning flower stone in Mayan language is 2 km long and has signs of habitation dating back 10,000 years. Judd and his native Mayan guides Anton, Travis and a vaquero was exploring the area when they lost their bearings and stumbled upon this cave. He wrote that upon entering he found it was a huge and vast cave full of stalagmites and stalactites.

Loltun Cave

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2 Hermit who revealed himself

He also found several caverns and passages that branched off from the central cavern which contained several trees and plants growing upwards towards sunlight. Placing his guides strategically at reference points, Anton explored further and found himself in a larger cavern where they finally came across the hermit who revealed himself from an opening 25 feet above the party and from where rocks had just fallen missing them by inches.

Grutas de Loltun

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3 An old hermit who claimed he was a 1000 years old

The old man looked thin and was clad in a white tunic and a cap made from gourd. Though extremely thin, he appeared healthy and of sound mind and body. He was also holding a lamp made from double gourd. When his Guides spoke to the man, they found out that he was a Mayan priest and as Judd wrote in his narrative, a 1000 years old. He was the guardian of Mayan treasure.

Stacy Judd felt that the age was exaggerated but the man definitely looked over a hundred years old at least. The man revealed that he lived in a level below where they stood and that he survived on herbs and berries growing in the forest. Judd observed that they had been lost for five hours.

Loltun Cave Mexico

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4 The old man was blind yet knew his way around the complexities of the cave system

In his Narrative Judd would recall the incident as the strangest experienced he ever encountered. His team felt that the mysterious man was indeed a Hol-Pop an entity from Mayan lore regarded as an immortal guardian of the cave and its secret treasures. What surprised Judd even more was what the old man told him that he had a vision of Judd and his party and how they got lost. He also said that he was there to show them the way out and guide them to safety.

Stacy Judd's The Hermit of Loltun Notes

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5 The Hermit shows them the way out of the cave

Judd and his guides then followed the hermit of Loltun as he would be known through several narrow passages and tunnels which seemed to take them even deeper into the complex cave system. Just as they thought the old man did not know where he was going, they emerged into a cave which they recognized at once. They also recognized the distinct glow of light from the world outside.

Grutas de Loltun Cave

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6 Judd’s strangest and most mysterious experience ever

Judd and his team were forever baffled by the event. What was even more puzzling was the fact that the hermit was almost blind as Judd had notices a glaze over his eyes when he spoke to them. Yet he knew the intricate pathways of the entire cave system even in the dark.

The man or hermit of loltun was indeed an enigma and Judd went on to narrate the entire incident in detail. However that was the only incident regarding the mysterious hermit of the Loltun cave and the world has never heard of him eversince.

Mystery of Loltun Cave

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