The fascinating town of Australia, where people live underground

3 Lavish homes all built into caves

The problem was solved by boring caves into the hillsides and making homes out of them. It may look bizarre abut many houses have designer décor and full trimmings of a fully fledged home. They have regular windows, curtains and the lot. Some of the homes have even converted into palatial living spaces underground.

Lavish homes all built into caves

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4 Hotels and casinos all underground

Believe it or not but Coober Pedy also has hotels and B&B’s all underground. The Coober Pedy B&B underground B& B won Australia’s best B& B last year. The town also has an underground church, museums, casino and a local pub. The entrance to a building at Coober Pedy is at the ground level and rooms are ventilated through vertical shafts that regulate the temperature.

Hotels and casinos all underground

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5 Adelaides most unique attraction

The underground town in Australia is one of the area’s largest attractions and even more so for the people who live in it and experience a unique lifestyle unlike anywhere on earth.

Adelaides most unique attraction

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