Girl Found Living With Monkeys. Walks On All Fours And Screeches Like An Ape

Very recently while on a routine patrol in a wildlife sanctuary, Police in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India were shocked to find a most remarkable sight. They discovered a little girl who hardly looked 8 years old playing with a group of monkeys. She walked on all fours like a monkey and even made screeching sounds like an ape. They had just found what was to become headline news in India labeling her the Mowgli girl or girl raised by monkeys.

When officers approached her, she screeched, they noticed her walking away on all fours and eating food from the ground. Monkey’s surrounding the girl would not allow the officers to get near her. It seemed as if they were protecting one of their own.

1 Monkeys surrounded her and did not allow officers near her

Even as monkeys surrounded the girl, officers began believing that the girl was raised by monkeys since birth. The girl raised by monkeys showed evident signs of the presumed theories circulating after her capture. She was displaying clear signs that she may have been raised by simians since birth.

The girl was ultimately captured and taken to a hospital for treatment. Hospital authorities, doctors and nurses too were astounded at her behavior; however she is slowly being rehabilitated into observing traits of social human behavior.

Mowgli Girl

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