Scientists Accidentally Discover Immune Cells That Identify and Destroy Almost All Types of Cancers

Cancer, the name itself is enough to strike terror into anyone. Almost 606,880 people succumbed to cancer in 2019 while 1,762,450 are affected by the disease every year. The disease is one of the biggest health problems affecting the planet but then hope is on the horizon and it has appeared by accident. Maybe not today but in the very near future we may have a cell that can target and kill all types of cancers. How nice it would be to have a cancer-free society, isn’t that amazing.

1No one thought a cure could be possible

Till now nobody would have thought a cure for cancer is possible. Given the fact that chemo and other treatments do arrest or cure people in the initial stages of the disease but then later on it becomes very difficult. The worst part of some cancers is that symptoms appear only in the last stages.

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2New immune cells that kill cancer discovered by accident

Now in an accidental case of discovery, scientists have found an immune cell that could kill multiple types of cancers. Called a T cell, they are a form of white blood cell that in experiments found and destroyed most types of cancer cells while keeping healthy tissue safe unlike chemo. It effectively sounds like a special T force with an intent to seek and destroy with the least amount of collateral damage.

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3The immune cells were discovered in an experiment at Cardiff University

The incredible discovery took place at Cardiff University where scientists were actually studying blood samples trying to locate immune cells that could fight bugs when they stumbled upon what could turn out to be the find of the century because this gives rise to the possibilities of formulating medication that targets all type of cancers and do away with harmful chemotherapy.

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