Scientists Accidentally Discover Immune Cells That Identify and Destroy Almost All Types of Cancers

8The experiment was done on mice, human trials will follow

The experiment involved mice being injected with various types of human immune systems and human cancers. The results were described as encouraging. Professor Awen Gallimore, Who heads the division of infection and immunity and cancer immunology at Wales Cancer Research Centre said that if the results proved definite and the discovery holds up, then it could well lay a new foundation for cancer therapy that will involve a universal T-Cell medication that will reduce the costs of cancer treatment drastically.

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9It will reduce cancer therapy drastically

Today cancer medication and the present style of immunotherapy is extremely expensive. The process of identifying, generating and manufacturing personal T cells is a huge amount that not everyone can afford. The professor says ‘This is truly exciting and potentially a great step forward for the accessibility of cancer immunotherapy.’ That, of course, goes without saying.

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10The dawn of a new universal cancer therapy

Scientists in Wales are hoping that the new findings will lead to human trials by the end of 2020 and that would be great news actually. The new research was published in the Journal Nature Immunology and has made the entire scientific community excited knowing that we are now a giant step closer to fighting cancer effectively. Many like Daniel Davis Professor of Immunology at Manchester University feel that such discoveries put man in the midst of a human revolution that seeks to harness the powerful ability of the immune system to combat cancer.

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