Indonesian security guard almost loses his arm in fight with 25ft python

Would you consider fighting a garden snake?? If not then you can well imagine what it could be like fighting a python and a 25 feet long one at that. In an incredible incident in Sumatra, Indonesia, a man actually fought and tried capturing the 25 ft long reptile which actually took a chunk out of his arm. You won’t believe what happened next.

The slithering beast all of 25 feet long was noticed by Worker Robert Nababan 37 while he was busy at work. Instead of calling for help the security guard battled the python to capture it.

1 The security guard had the weirdest idea of confronting the snake

Robert Nababan was at work on a palm oil plantation on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia when he saw the reticulated Python. At the time he was driving on his moped in Riau province before coming across the huge beast that could have easily swallowed him whole. The Snake was blocking traffic and he had no option but to confront it and physically get it removed off the road.

Nababan somehow thought of a weird method of doing so. He had the bright idea of capturing it. While trying to put the creature in a sack, the snake fought back and chomped into his arm.

giant python  in Indonesia

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2 Rescued by villagers who cooked and ate the snake

Police chief Sutarja narrated how the security guard battled the python that was 25 feet long. Nababan was rescued by villagers who killed the snake and then cooked and ate it. That must have been quite a feast for the entire village.

However, Nababan’s left arm was almost torn off and severed from his body. He was rushed to a hospital in a neighboring town where he is recuperating with treatment.

security guard battled the python

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3 Giant pythons grow up to 20 feet long and prey on humans

When Nababan was interviewed from his hospital bed, he said “I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while.”

Police chief Sutarja who like all Indonesians has only a single name confirmed that the python was exactly 7.8 meters long (25.6 feet). It was abnormally huge yet the security guard battled the python with his bare hands. Was that foolish or brave is left up to your discretion and Nababan is lucky to be alive.

Giant pythons are common in Indonesia and Philippines and can grow to 20 feet in length. In March, the body of a 25-year-old Indonesian farmer was found inside the belly of a giant python which was caught on the Island of Sulawesi.

Giant pythons

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