This Japanese Triangular House Is Extremely Small but Step inside and You’ll Be Amazed!

Leave it to the Japanese to think up remarkable ideas on organization, planning and space saving architecture. Take a look at this Japanese triangular house in Suginami Tokyo, The brilliant and sleek design doesn’t even leave an inch of space and its interiors will astonish you despite the external façade looking no bigger than a car park.

1 Built by famous Japanese architect Kota Mizuishi

The sleek triangle shaped home is packed into just 29 square meters and built by reputed Japanese architect Kota Mizuishi who owns the Mizuishi Architect Atelier firm. It’s amazing that the super functional home despite a tiny building area has over two floors of space amounting to 309.12 sq feet. The plot is located in Suginami, Tokyo and is also crossed by a river. The modernistic home features the most aesthetic décor, a lot of natural light and also has a spare room.

triangle shaped home

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2 Never judge a book by its cover

It’s right what they say, never judge a book by its cover. Looking at this house from the outside, one would never believe that the interiors could be so amazing. It has a kitchen, diner, living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom and a play area with an extra room. Can you beat that?

Never judge a book by its cover

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3 The Japanese triangular house is actually spacious inside

The bedroom is surprisingly big and spacious; it’s remarkable and almost seems you have entered Harry Potter’s world where a tent in the magical film opens up into a kind of spacious mansion once you step inside. The bedroom space is ideal for a double and the pole is for structural support.

The Japanese triangular house

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4 The living room

Well it may look like a common seating bench in a railway station but you have to admit, it’s well placed and comfortable for quite a number of people to sit and watch telly.

The living room

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5 The kitchen

Who wouldn’t love a kitchen like this?

Kitchen in the Triangle house

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6 This is what your neighbors would see

Even your neighbors would be marveling at your Japanese triangular house which from above looks like a miniature toy.

Triangle house Japan

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