The Largest Tree Canopy On Earth Is So Huge It Spreads Across Five Acres

Deep in the forests of remote South India accessed b y traversing mountains and peanut fields is the world’s largest banyan tree. Named Thimmamma Marrimanu in the local language Telegu, it is the world’s largest tree canopy spread across five acres of land and is also the largest tree specimen in the world according to the book of Guinness World Records.

But far from being just a huge tree, Thimammma Marrimanu has deep rooted religious significance for the local population and is a lesson for botanists in the peaceful coexistence of living things. Looking at Thimmamma Marrimanu, one recalls the tree deity of the Navi tribe in the movie, Avatar.

1 The greatest banyan on the planet

Thimmamma Marrimanu is located in Kadri, a town in Andhra Pradesh India 10 miles north of Bangalore. You won’t find much mention of the tree in travelogues and guides which is surprising and most probably because of the difficulty in accessing the area.

The great banyan is a type of strangler fig tree growing from the sky downwards. A banyan is its own coffin, where branches wind around the original trunk robbing the host of sunlight and as roots spread underground, the host is deprived of water but the never ending growth of prop roots descend from branches and provide support to the gigantic canopy.

The greatest banyan tree on the planet

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