Meet the Majestic Harpy Eagle, A Raptor So Large You May Mistake It for Someone in Costume

Speaking about big birds, if you thought birds like the albatross or some eagles were big, wait till you see the harpy eagle. Now, this is one amazing bird whose looks are a rage on the internet where many disbelieve its looks and attribute it to photoshop but that’s not the case. Its widely known that the harpy eagle is one of the largest birds in the world and looks just like fawkes the phoenix from Harry Potter. Face to face with the harpy is as intimidating as it gets as some have posted on social media and it is almost the size of a human.

1The harpy will make your jaw drop

When people see photos of the harpy eagle, the first reaction is jaw-dropping. The bird is massive, it looks proud, majestic and fierce because of its searing eyes. Looking larger than life, the harpy has a steely look in its eyes and seems to be always staring suspiciously at you it seems to say “don’t mess with me, keep your distance as I eat people like you for breakfast.”

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2It looks as if it is a human in cosplay

One big peculiarity about the harpy eagle is that it looks weird from the side as if someone was in a cosplay costume. From another angle it looks like a character from Pokémon. In some instances, it also looks like an alien who may have escaped from Area 51 and who may have come from some other planet.

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3It is native to the rainforests of Central America but the numbers are dwindling

On a factual note, the harpy is a bird of prey native to the rainforests of central America namely Brazil. They can be found mainly in the upper canopy layer of tropical lowland forests and sadly their numbers have dwindled drastically due to encroachment of its habitat.

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There are hardly 50,000 left in the wild. In Brazil, the harpy is also known as the royal hawk. It is sad, that such a beautiful bird is dwindling in numbers.

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