Meet the Majestic Harpy Eagle, A Raptor So Large You May Mistake It for Someone in Costume

4The internet cannot get enough of them

Harpy eagles are a viral phenomenon on the internet and people cannot get enough of them. Pictures of harpies get thousands of likes on social platforms simply because people find them awesome. Usually, the harpy is an oversized bird but there are smaller versions too.

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5They are birds of prey with legs as thick as your wrist

Harpy eagles should never be taken lightly because after all they are birds of prey. Their talons will make you think twice of approaching them. In fact, many feel they look as if they are a human in costume. There are two types of harpy eagles. One is the American harpy and the other is the Papuan harpy.

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6They can look goofy and serious at the same time

The harpy is a powerful and intimidating raptor found in rainforests around the world although their home is mostly rainforests in and around Brazil. They are considered the world’s largest eagle species with a wingspan of 7 feet 4 inches even though their weight is surprisingly low between 3-9 kg.

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7The harpy’s talons are not to be trifled with

As per fact figures, the prey of the harpy usually consists of large prey like monkeys, tree porcupines, sloths, coatis, snakes, lizards, and other birds. And, no people are not on their list of prey. Interestingly though, the female of the species is much bigger than the male.

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