Meet Luis Esquivel 5 Years Old Cutest Math Genius with An Infectious Smile

A child prodigy in any discipline never ceases to amaze us with their uncanny skills and talent. It is both strange and astounding to wonder how such little children possess brains with a processing power higher than that of an average adult. Take for example Luis Esquivel from Hawaii. The 5 year old is the cutest math genius gaining nationwide fame for his unbelievable skills in math.

While many of us would require a calculator, little Luis just shoots off answers as if they were being prompted to him through some unseen device.

Luis Esquivel

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1 He is still in kindergarten

Luis Esquivel is just 5 years old and studies in KINDERGARTEN in Solomon Elementary School. Can you still believe this?? Esquivel’s fame has also given him an appearance on the NBC TV show “Little Big Shots” with Host Steve Harvey.

Luis Esquivel wasn’t camera shy at all on the show. He literally stunned his audience at his grasp of mathematics. His charisma matched his math skills where the audience were in splits and warmed by his cute and infectious smile.

He is still in kindergarten

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2 He nailed every answer on the show

Harvey questioned Luis giving him several difficult math problems to solve. Luis nailed every answer. His parents have stated that they knew that their child was gifted when he could speak the alphabet forwards and backwards at the same speed at the age of TWO.

His father says his knowledge goes beyond algebra whose problems he can now solve. He knows the periodic table and all the countries in the world including their states. In short Luis is gradually becoming a walking mini encyclopedia. This cute math genius has a memory that is amazing.

He nailed every answer on the show

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3 His parents prefer him to live as a kid

The child’s parents believe that most kids can absorb a good deal of information at a young age if they chose to do so. Luis has a brother 4 and a sister 9 but unlike the games they play, he prefers studying facts online and testing his skills through number games. Luis’ parents claim they never push him too hard as it was the boy who wanted to learn.

Luis is yet to test his IQ and one can imagine how much that would turn out to be for this cute math genius. His parents don’t want him to skip grades and prefer that he enjoy his childhood. Watch the video of the amazing episode that shows the little cute math genius in action. In just 5 days, it gained 50 million views.

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