Meet the man who rescued 669 Jewish children from Nazi concentration camps in Prague

The Holocaust was one of History’s darkest moments and the worst case of genocide in modern history. Six million Jews were systematically killed by Adolph Hitler’s ruthless Nazi regime between 1941 to 1945. Among this figure was 1.5 million children. But while the world watched in horror at the brutality of Germany, there were tales of heroism unfolding secretly through underground channels organized by men who challenged Hitler’s genocide programme and under the risk of death helped several hundred people escape.

One such man was Nicholas Winton fondly known as the Kindertransport hero. Nicholas Winton was the man who rescued 669 children, helping them escape the barbaric Nazi programs. Years later, in 19888 Nicholas Winton appeared on a TV show where almost all of the children now adults were to meet him face to face. It was a dramatic moment as it was organized to facilitate and surprise Nicholas Winton. Here are several facts about his remarkable feat.

1 Nicholas Winton was a British Stockbroker who visited Prague

As a British stockbroker, Winton visited Prague in 1938 on the suggestions of Martin Blake who was involved with Jewish social work. Although his parents were Jews, he was a baptized Christian. He was shocked at the plight of the Czechoslovakian people and the lack of any help for them. The Nazis had already invaded Sudetenland and the Jews began to fear for their lives in Prague.

Nicholas Winton

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