Meet the man who rescued 669 Jewish children from Nazi concentration camps in Prague

2 Czechoslovakia was ignored by welfare agencies involved in evacuation of children in Germany

Although children were being evacuated from Germany and Austria, Czechoslovakia was being ignored. Winton came across several desperate parents eager to send their children to safer countries. He soon started compiling a list of names. After that, he organized an efficient network where the man rescued 669 children right from under the noses of the Nazis in Prague.

evacuation of children in Germany

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3 He organized an operation called the Czech Kindertransport

The kindertransport rescued 669 children from ending up in the gas chambers of Nazi concentration camps. Most of the children were under 17. The rescue operation included eight trains crossing four borders including the Netherlands. The first train of the Kindertransport left Prague on 14th march. All of the children were adopted by foster families in the UK.

Nicholas Winton remained in Prague for three weeks. He operated from an office in a hotel room on Wenceslas square. It was there that he planned how to ferry the children from Prague station to Liverpool street station London.

Czech Kindertransport

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4 He did everything in his power to ensure the success of the operation

Nicholas Winton made sure that his operation Kindertransport was successful. He also made sure that all of the children were given a 50 pound guarantee for their subsequent return. Winton’s mother would help him receive the children and tag their names at the station. Winton even forged documents wherever necessary for the safety of the children.

Nicholas Winton with kids

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