Meet the man who rescued 669 Jewish children from Nazi concentration camps in Prague

5 Nicholas Winton believes his associates were braver than him

Winton believed that it was his associate Trevor Chadwick and others who should be commended for their brave acts of heroism while dealing with Gestapo and arranging trains in Prague. Eight trains carried the 669 children over a period of 9 months in 1939. The last train was scheduled for departure on September 3rd with 250 children but unfortunately I did not.

Nicholas Winton’s heroic act of operation Kindertransport was revealed by his wife Grete who discovered the files and details of the operation. The story appeared in Esther’s that’s life! In 1988. It led to Winton becoming famous and a knighthood becoming Sir Nicholas Winton.

Nicholas Winton with his team

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6 Sir Nicholas Winton never mentioned operation Kindertransport in daily life

Winston worked for the international refugee Organization after World War II but yet he never mentioned operation Kindertransport. It was because of his wife hearing the details on Esther Rantzen’s that’s life that the world came to know of Sir Nicholas Winton including the 669 children. Operation Kindertransport was a heroic effort initiated by Nicholas Winton helped by Trevor Chadwick, Doreen Warriner, Beatrice Wellington and members of the British cabinet who supported the operation.

In a tearjerking episode of that’s Life broadcasted in 1988, Sir Nicholas as the man who rescued 669 children was brought face to face with them. Sir Nicholas Winton died at the age of 106 a much acclaimed hero where 669 people owe their lives to him today. Watch the video of the that’s life episode. It is extremely moving.

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