Meet the woman who has travelled to every country in the world and is all set to break a Guinness Record

How many of us have had the constant dream of travelling around the world? Well dreaming is good but while for some it may be an eternal bubble; others work on it and actually make their dream come true. Take for example Cassie De Pecol. This woman isn’t juts your average woman, she decided she didn’t want to waste her life in one corner of the earth.

After one trip with her brother, Cassie found her own unique ambition and that was to travel the world. She soon became the fastest person touring 196 countries in the world.

1 Introducing Cassie De Pecol

Cassie De Pecol hails from a rural area of Washington, Connecticut. Cathy was homeschooled when young and then went on to study in private school before joining Long Island University. She has also studied in Global College Costa Rica, Green Mountain College and Santa Barbara City colleges and Galileo Travel School. Now that’s a lot of schools if you ask me. But Cassie at 25 was still unfulfilled.

In 2009 she toured Europe with her brother. They spent a month touring Belgium, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland. That’s when the travel bug hit Cassie and she decided she wanted more but this time Solo!!

Cassie De Pecol

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2 Finally on a journey around the world

With just $2000 in her pocket, this determined woman toured two continents in four years. She went on to tour the world. Starting out in 2015, Cassie De Pecol embarked in what can be termed as a mammoth journey to visit every country in the world and as per Guinness; she is all set to become the fastest person to visit 196 countries in the world.

Since then she has visited more than 181 countries in the world so far and is all set to break the record even as we speak.

Cassie De Pecol during her world tour

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3 She is all set to break a record

Cassie De Pecol stays just two days in each country she visits. She has also made four passports along the way. Obviously because of all the visas she may need to be stamped on her passport. Cassie plans to complete Turkmenistan and Syria by Christmas.

If she is successful, she will be beating the record set by Yili Liu who was the fastest person to visit every country in the world in 2010. She completed the feat in 3 years, 3 months and 6 days.

Cassie De Pecol world tour

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4 An ambassador of peace through travel and tourism

Cassie De Pecol isn’t just breaking a record for fastest woman touring 196 countries. She is even filming a documentary of her travels. She is also representing the International Institute of peace through Tourism as its ambassador. She also collects water samples around the globe Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.

Cassie De Pecol touring 196 countries

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5 Guess which country Cassie loves best

Cassie has gained many sponsors along the way. Her budget has now grown to $198,000 and she has taken as many as 250 flights so far. According to Cassie the best countries she has visited is Bhutan for its peacefulness, Switzerland for the mountains and UAE for its activity as it is a major hub in the middle east which is Cassie’s favorite region.

As the fastest woman touring 196 countries, Cassie creates weekly Vlogs and continuously updates her social media account. You can find her on Instagram under “Expediton 196’.

Cassie De Pecol fastest woman touring 196 countries

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