17 Most Amazing Facts About Things You Never Even Knew Possible

The world is full of mysteries and amazing facts thousands of which we still do not know. How on earth have some species evolved, or how are some people gifted and multi-talented. Take Leonardo Da Vinci for instance, he wasn’t just a painter, he was an inventor and scientists and many of his concepts were way before his time. Do you know that you cannot travel faster than light in spite of what the movies tell you? In fact, there is someone’s initials imprinted on the moon and some humans actually dream in black and white. There are thousands of amazing phenomenon that defy our perception of reality and then you have the human body, the most complex and amazing machine in the world. Without further ado, here are 20 mesmerizing facts to blow your mind.

1It takes a bee two million flowers to produce 1 lb of honey

That’s right, in our quest to look for something amazing, we don’t realize that there is something amazing about humble and little creatures like the busy little bee. The poor little bee needs to work like hell to give us our daily honey. It needs to visit 2 million flowers just to produce 1 pound of it. A hive of bees have to fly 55000 miles just to produce 1 pound of honey and a colony of bees produces about 60 to 100 lbs in one year. For one bee to make 1/12 teaspoon of honey, it would make it an entire lifetime.

It takes a bee two million flowers to produce 1 lb of honey

Image Source: www.hiveandhoneyapiary.com

2There was no left and right foot for shoes even till the 16th century

That’s right, till the 16th-century people never bothered about which is the left or right shoe. In fact, till 1850, most people were wearing shoes that were made absolutely straight without any curve for the right or left foot.

No left and right foot for shoes 16th century

Image Source: wherearetheelves.net

3You cannot hear the sound of the ocean in a seashell

How often have we as children been told by adults that if we put a seashell to our ears, we can hear the sound of the ocean? Well, that’s just wrong. The sound you hear in a seashell has nothing to do with the ocean. It is a reflected sound of the surrounding environment in combination with the flow of blood in your body.

Girl listening seashell

Image Source: www.insideebiz.com

4How the Milky Way got its name

The name of the Milky Way has its origins in ancient Greece when the Greeks believe the Milky Way was formed by the Goddess Hera who sprayed her breast milk across the sky. Another theory says that the Greeks translated it as a milky circle which they named Galaxias Kylos.

How the Milky Way got its name

Image Source: voygr.com

5There is a disease called prosopagnosia where you can’t even recognize yourself

Heather Sellers is a woman who can’t even recognize her own face. Describing her condition she says “I’ve been in a crowded elevator with mirrors all around, and a woman will move and I’ll go to get out the way and then realize: ‘oh that woman is me’. Prosopagnosia is a neurological disorder also called face blindness that does not allow a person to recognize the human face. As a result, you don’t even recognize other people. The condition affects about 2.5% people in the world. In fact, Brad Pitt is also afflicted with this condition.

Disease called prosopagnosia

Image Source: mlive.com

6The haunted island in Mexico covered in dolls

There is a haunted island off Mexico that is covered in hundreds of dolls. People believe that the dolls are possessed by spirits and they become alive at night. Locals say they can hear the voices of the dolls which are carried by the breeze. The island called Isla de las Munecas (island of dolls) is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who lost her life in strange circumstances. Although it may not be true, the island itself is pretty creepy.

Haunted island in Mexico

Image Source: mysteriousfacts.com

7The world’s lightest material can withstand 4000 times its own weight

Among amazing facts, the world’s lightest material is called graphene aerogel. It is made up of 99.8% air and yet it is so strong, it can withstand almost 4000 times its own weight. The material was created by the Chinese and is also seven times lighter than air. A cube inch of graphene aerogel can be balanced on a blade of grass.

Worlds lightest material

Image Source: www.aerogelgraphene.com

8Lord Byron kept a pet bear in Trinity College because rules said he couldn’t keep a dog or cat

Talk about the height of stubbornness. Lord Byron a big animal lover found an easy way to get back at Trinity College authorities who did not allow him to keep a pet dog or cat. He stated that since the rules only stipulated cats and dog, the college council had no legal grounds to stop him keeping a pet bear instead.

Lord Byron kept a pet bear in Trinity College

Image Source: www.factinate.com

9How the heart symbol for love was created

Today, the heart symbol is the universal shape of love and as well as the human heart. It has its origins in ancient Rome where it was based on the shape of the seed of a plant that Romans used as a natural contraceptive. It was called silphium.

How the heart symbol for love was created

Image Source: www.ancient-origins.net

10Cows have a natural magnetic compass

Scientists using Google earth are of the belief that cows have a natural compass. They studied thousands of cows grazing and discovered there was a strange pattern to their behavior when doing so. Irrespective of their location around the world, 70% of cows turn their heads to the north and south when grazing or drinking.

Cows have a natural magnetic compass

Image Source: unlz.edu.ar

11The most favorite of marching tunes of the Russian army is the theme song of Sponge Bob square pants

Believe it or not but the tough Russian army has several marching tunes. The favorite, however, is the theme song from sponge bob square pants. In a video post shared on YouTube you can see squads of soldiers marching to their favorite cartoon character who is none other than Sponge Bob.

Marching tunes of the Russian army

Image Source: baklol.com

12The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward

The only birds that can fly backward are hummingbirds. This is because of the structure of their wings. The muscles of hummingbirds wings enable it to move up and down, as well as backward and forwards. They can even make a figure of eight by rotating their wings.

The hummingbird can fly backward

Image Source: cloudfront.net

13There is a temple in India where devotes offer toy airplanes as offerings for a visa

The Punjabi Gurdwara (temple) of Saint Baba Nihal Singh in Punjab, India sees thousands of devotees every day who come to pray for a successful visa to countries like the UK or USA. Their offerings are toy planes made of plastic or metal. As a result, hundreds of shops have sprung up in the area selling little toy plane. The priest of the temple says there is a lack of space but yet they cannot discard the planes as they are considered blessed. Thus, they regularly distribute it among poor children of the area.

Devotes offer toy airplanes for visa

Image Source: www.sbs.com.au

14The lowest nation on earth is the Maldives which is most likely to disappear

With all the talk of global warming, Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean which is just 1.8 meters above sea level. It is the lowest nation on earth and is at risk of disappearing into the ocean because of rising sea levels from global warming.

The lowest nation on earth is the Maldives

Image Source: cloudinary.com

15Human breast milk contains the same compounds as marijuana

One of the most amazing facts about breast milk is that it contains compounds also found in marijuana bit you won’t get high drinking it so doesn’t try it. The human body has an intricate system of proteins called cannabinoid receptors designed to process an ingredient called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is an active component of marijuana extremely important for human development. Our cell membranes contain natural amounts of these cannabinoid receptors which can be triggered by nutritive substances to protect against harmful bacteria. Human breast milk is full of endocannabinoids which is a lipid that stimulates the suckling process of a baby teaching them how to eat.

Human breast milk

Image Source: lomalindahealth.org

16Sea otters hold hands when they sleep

Sea otters are cuddly sea animals that are very affectionate with one another. They hold hands while sleeping. Found abundantly in the Northern Pacific Ocean, they float in groups while eating, resting or sleeping. They hold hands while sleeping because this prevents them from floating away from the group.

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep

Image Source: media.mnn.com

17 The Russian Bolsheviks revolution was postponed because the Bolsheviks got drunk

In 1917 during the Bolshevik revolution, Bolshevik soldiers and guards stormed the winter palace. Fortunately or unfortunately whichever way you see it, they also found the huge wine supply and ended up drinking it themselves getting stone drunk. This led to the revolution being postponed for a few days. The wine cellar of the Romanov dynasty contained some of the finest wines and liquors of Europe.

The situation got so out of handed that soldiers and people alike indulged in drinking sprees resulting in drunken behavior leading to orgies, looting, and violence that spilled into the streets of St Petersburg. The boozing continued for a month until the liquor ran out and ultimately order was restored.

We hope you enjoyed this article of amazing facts and stay tuned for more on Amazing things in the world.

The Russian Bolsheviks revolution

Image Source: pinimg.com

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